Available Micro-Guider III Parts

Important Notice: the Micro-Guider III has been discontinued due to the lack of pcbs. The much-improved Micro-Guider 5 replaces the MGIII. The following parts may still be available (as spare parts) for the hundreds of you who built the MGIII over the years or are still building it.

Click here for an image of a completed MGIII pcb which may aid you during construction.

Part Number Canadian Dollars
Zilog Z8018006VSC
(same as Hitachi HD64180RCP-8X)
Socket for Zilog processor (U6) $7.50
MG III EPROM (programmed) $22.50
HM62256LP-12 (or equivalent) $7.50
12.288MHz crystal $3
74HC14 IC $3
74HC138 IC (two needed) $3
74HC373 IC $3
7805 IC $3
MAX232CPE IC $7.50

The above prices include worldwide postage. Canadians will have to add the GST or HST as appropriate.

I can accept VISA orders (which are billed in the Canadian amounts). I cannot accept Mastercard or AMEX. You can e-mail the order or if you are concerned about internet security, you can fax the order or call me.

You can also send a personal check to the address below (in the US, use the US amounts, in Canada, use the Canadian amounts).

Note: Most (all) of the remaining parts are available from Jameco, Digikey, or US Digital (encoders).

David J. Lane, Nova Astronomics
PO Box 31013, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3K 5T9
Phone: (902) 499-6196
E-mail: dave@nova-astro.com

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